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Rustique Letterbox A4 Letterbox

Rustique Letterbox A4 Letterbox

Australian made from 1.6mm thick Corten Steel. Designed to develop the patina's of rusting steel and as seen in many public artworks and features such as at Sydney Airport, the Melbourne Westgate Bridge and the Brisbane Gateway Bridge.The rusted surface seals itself and will not corrode through and within a short time will develop a uniform orange rust colour.

This mailbox is A4 sized and provides weather protection to the slot. The size is 315mm Wide x 365mm Deep and it stands 900mm High and comes with a Key Lock Rear Door as well as a lower Access Panel. This Access Panel is removed to faciltate installation (bolted to a concrete plinth) or has been used as access to install lighting. Unlike inferior imported "rust type" maiboxes the newspaper receptacle is lined with a 100 uPVC pipe. Note: Through the process of the patinas developing, you may need to wash you mailbox to rinse away some of the oxides.

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