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27 Mar Molybdenum Prices Rocket Upwards
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Molybdenum prices had already reached their highest level in 17 years by the end of January 2023. Pure molybdenum has now cracked the $100,000 per ton..
16 Mar What is Tea Staining?
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Tea staining is discolouration of stainless steel caused by coastal corrosion. While it may look unattractive, it is not detrimental to the structural..
25 Nov An update on deliveries to Western Australia
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25 November 2022   As this year draws to a close, we are saddened to hear of the continuing devastation to Australians due to the wild weather and f..
21 Jun Colours: our Standard Six | Letterboxes Direct
18 Nov Mailbox Finishing – it’s not a Rolls Royce!
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We love making mailboxes, it’s what we’ve been doing for the past 20+ years. Providing a large range of products and options that are both functional ..
28 Sep Living Materials - Copper & Brass
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Did you know that brass and copper are often called living materials? This is because of their ability to change with the environment. Copper, is subj..
22 Sep Mailbox Sizing - Australia Post vs Australian Standards
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Does it Matter If you’re perusing the selection of mailboxes at your local hardware store you will soon see that more than 70% of them do not comply ..
20 Sep Say No to Rapid Set
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Johnny pulls out his tools and sets about to install a new mailbox that he just bought, a 6 month project in the making. He digs his hole and neatly t..
01 Jun What does a mailbox have in common with jewellery?
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I once heard it said that your letterbox should be the “bling” of your front yard, and as a gal who loves to wear jewellery I couldn’t agree more. Whe..
21 May Stay Up To Date
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Hi, I’m Letterbox Lucy. I hope to be bringing you informative blog posts to help you choose a letterbox that you love for your home. Stay tuned for ti..
12 Feb Australia Post Goes Green
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Australian consumers may soon receive their online purchases faster and via a greener delivery method as retailers look at using pedal power and elect..
20 Nov Improve the Value of your House
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Our slogan at Mailmaster for a very long time has been "Let STYLE be the Opening Statement to your Home". The mailbox is the first th..
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