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What are Letterbox Letters and Numbers, and Why Do I Need Them?

Have you seen those houses that simply look outstanding when you drive past? Maybe you’re not exactly sure why they look so great. Chances are they had a gorgeous letterbox or a plaque with their address or family name. Every family wants their home to stand out from the rest.

What better way to improve your home’s street appeal than to have custom-made letterbox numbers and nameplates adorning your property? At Letterboxes Direct, we design and manufacture personalised letterboxes as well as the mailbox letters and numbers to accompany them. We offer free shipping on letterbox numbers if purchased alongside a letterbox. Let us know if you would like us to attach the numbers to the letterbox.

Clear letterbox numbers help your neighbours to get to know you more, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the postman will be grateful! Spruce up your façade today with Letterboxes Direct.

Reasons to Splash Out on a Letter Box Number Plate

Perhaps letterbox numbers are not the first thing that comes to mind when your payslip arrives. While they may not be as high up on the list as bread and butter, there are many benefits of having a clearly visible house number or plaque. House numbering was first practised in Paris in 1512 and should continue to be a priority for us today.

Consider the following reasons to prioritise your letterbox display:

  • Keep it legal: In Australia, it is required by law to have a house number that is clearly displayed. It must be at least one meter off the ground and must face the street-side of the house. Local councils enforce these laws. If you know your letterbox numbers have much to be desired, Letterboxes Direct can have you sorted out in no time.
  • Do it for the Postman: Door-to-door delivery is essential these days. Due to online shopping, many people don’t even leave their houses anymore. In 2021, Australia Post delivered more than 2.6 billion items to 12.4 million different delivery points. It is crucial that delivery services can quickly identify the correct house and move on to their next stop.
  • Friends and Family: Everybody uses a GPS today, yet we’ve all experienced some confusion when we arrive at our destination only to find out we’re in the middle of nowhere. If you get clearly visible numbers for your letter box, your friends and family will certainly appreciate it. How much easier is it when the house is clearly numbered?
  • Emergency services: Finally, in case of an emergency, every second counts. Our bold number plates will pop out and be clearly and quickly seen by the emergency personnel.

Some Ideas to Make Your Custom Letterboxes and Nameplates Stand Out

Well, it seems to be easier said than done. Too often, house numbers are not visible from the street, or they simply appear to be dull. There are many ideas that people have implemented to transform their house numbers or nameplates to draw the passer-by's attention. Displaying striking letterbox nameplates is also vital with business owners that rely on foot traffic.

Which of these lively ideas could you implement?

  • Light it up: Many of our customers order our letterbox letters and numbers and illuminate them by installing an LED light behind the letters or numbers to make them glow. Illumination is also common with companies to attract potential customers and add a hint of modernity.
  • Letterbox pot plants: Another growing trend is having a letterbox where you can plant low-maintenance plants and flowers, which is a great way to show that you love nature while beautifying your home or office. Just make sure the plants don’t grow in front of the numbers!
  • Numbers in letters: Another modern idea is to write your numbers in words. You may have seen homes or businesses with text in place of numbers. It’s a fun way to be different and unique while performing the same function.

Whichever design idea appeals to you, talk to us, and we can tailor your letterbox numbers and letters to your every whim. We understand that this will be a part of your home or office for a while and want you to be delighted with the design.

More About Letterboxes Direct:

Letterboxes Direct has been in the business since 1985. We provide high-quality, unique, and exceptional products that are designed according to your needs. We are proud to say that we have been thriving in the Australian and overseas markets for many years, bringing much joy to our customers (and their homes).

We are based in Queensland, but we deliver nationwide and internationally. Get in touch with us now to order your letterbox and related products.

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