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Mailmaster supplies all types and styles of mailboxes for setting in your fence (or brick or block wall) and are the leaders in the field of customised stainless steel, copper and brass. These can come complete with laser stencil cutting (through cut and backed with a colour, usually colourbond) or engraved and infilled.

Many examples of our fine work can be seen accross Australia. Walk down the streets of Toorak in Victoria, Double Bay or Vaucluse suburbs in Sydney, or take a bike ride through Bulimba in Queensland and if you see a good looking mailbox you can bet it is ours.

Making Your Home Unique With a Fence Mounted Letterbox in Australia

If you feel that something is amiss at your home, it could be that you do not have a fence mounted letterbox in Australia. Most people tend to associate mailboxes with idyllic white picket fence homes, where a mailman casually passes by on his daily route while dogs bark in the background. In addition to contributing to your home's exterior look, a mailbox serves as a convenient, practical feature that simplifies the mailing procedure. If you are considering purchasing one of our letterboxes, let us give you a better idea of what to look for.

What Is The Point of a Fence Mounted Mailbox?

Although aesthetically pleasing, mailboxes act as postage receptacles and are ideal for those who do not want to leave the comfort of their own homes. With the current social environment encouraging people to keep their distance from one another, letterboxes might just help you do your part. Among other things, mailboxes offer the following benefits:

  • Safeguards your mail from weather conditions and strangers. Mailboxes are popular additions to homes because they can receive your mail when you are not there. By acting as the recipient, mailboxes safeguard your letters from rain, wind, and mail thieves.
  • Provides you with a secure postal address. Instead of having to drive to a local post office or pay a fee for an external post box, you will have the convenience of receiving your mail at home. Perfect for those who do not have their own transport, who cannot leave their properties, or who want to avoid public spaces, a fence mailbox is super advantageous.
  • It gives you the freedom to express yourself. With the option of minimalist designs, bright colours, odd shapes, or fanciful lettering, you have the freedom to choose from a range of letterboxes that best describe your personality or project your household.

What Goes Into Creating Fence Letter Boxes?

Traditionally mailboxes have a similar shape and style, which seems to mimic the outline of a home, having a square base and slanting roof on either side. Through the years, certain designs have become more prominent, but mailboxes all do the exact same job at the end of the day. When breaking the basic elements of a letterbox down, it consists of:

  • Basic shape or design. From golf balls and animal shapes to dollhouses and windmills, mailboxes come in many different styles and do not always follow the same path. Usually, people choose their mailboxes depending on the architectural style of their homes, where the box can represent a miniature version of your property.
  • Colouring. Whether you prefer neutral or extravagantly bright colours, it is entirely up to you. A recent trend among homeowners is choosing a letterbox that contrasts their home’s colour, thereby standing out more from its surroundings. You do not have to be boring when it comes to letterboxes, so let your imagination run wild.
  • Lettering. A convenient aspect of mailboxes is their role in providing delivery people or guests with a visible address indication. The house number, street name, or family name can be displayed for passers-by, allowing people to find your home or business with ease, without having to use their navigation system.

A Little History on the Picket Fence Mailbox

The process of delivering mail to private residences is a common sight today, but 200 years ago was an impressive technological innovation. One of the main reasons personal mail became quicker and more efficient is the steam train, which took passengers to their destinations and mail from the farthest reaches of the planet. Before the steam train, people had to physically move letters and mail across vast distances, often by horseback, which sometimes took weeks and months to carry out.

Spreading news used to be difficult, whereby the time someone could finally receive a letter from a friend or relative, almost a third of a year could fly by. People forget that before electronic devices, word-of-mouth and postage were the primary means of sharing information across long distances, where there was a reasonably good chance of your letter disappearing in the process. The picket fence letter box became an essential part of life, as you could have no idea when your letter would arrive, if at all. Letterboxes are usually seen as an American amenity but have been a widespread sight worldwide for almost the same duration.

If you would like to avoid the mailman, and people in general, consider acquiring a through the fence mailbox, which helps you keep your distance and others safe simultaneously. Make sure to contact us today to help you find the colorbond fence mailbox that describes your family the best.

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