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Located in Brisbane, Sanbray Pty Ltd with the trading names Mailmaster Letterboxes and Letterboxes Direct, has been involved in the manufacturing of high-quality letterboxes since 1985.

We have been thriving in the Australian and overseas market for many years. It’s our high-quality products, unique designs and exceptional customer service that has allowed us to gain and hold our respected reputation.  We are a family-owned and operated business. A sister company of Turbon Engineering Co, in the past we manufactured and supplied letterboxes to hardware stores Australis-wide. However, we changed our direction when we decided that we would prefer to sell directly to our customers. For you, this means lower prices and all the benefits that come with ordering factory-direct, such as tailored designs.

Since 1990, we have supplied over 15,000 small milk can style letterboxes and thousands of others. We have also supplied mailboxes to 3 various seasons of hit Aussie show, The Block.

We cater for everyone from the budget-conscious to the most discerning buyer.

The Letterbox Making & Selling Team

Les Josiah -Welds the Letterboxes

Justin Quinn -Packs Letterboxes and checks them

Eddie Vuirogorogo - Cuts Letterbox posts

Chris Purnell -Not quite sure what he does

David Stables- Learning to make Letterboxes

Les Josiah -Welds The Letterboxes
Justin Quinn -Packs Letterboxes And Checks Them Eddie Vuirogorogo - Cuts Letterbox Posts Chris Purnell -Not Quite Sure What He Does David Stables- Learning To Make Letterboxes

Joseph Lally -Puts Letterboxes together

Alberto Roposu -Does the hard stuff

Ben Burgess- Makes the big Letterbox Banks

Peter Climo- Makes special Letterbox parts

Lucas Wolstenholme- Makes all sorts of Letterboxes

Joseph Lally -Puts Letterboxes Together Alberto Roposu -Does The Hard Stuff Ben Burgess- Makes The Big Letterbox Banks Peter Climo- Makes Special Letterbox Parts Lucas Wolstenholme- Makes All Sorts Of Letterboxes

David Urqhardt - Cuts the material for the guys

Barry Owen- Makes Sure things are made right

Elisha Galbraith- Makes coffee for Mark

Alyse Bradley- Processes your orders

Karen Vethaak -Makes the money work

David Urqhardt - Cuts The Material For The Guys Barry Owen- Makes Sure Things Are Made Right Elisha Galbraith- Makes Coffee For Mark Alyse Bradley- Processes Your Orders Karen Vethaak -Makes The Money Work

Des Paton -Helps look after things

Mark Valentine- Looks after all things

Des Paton -Helps Look After Things Mark Valentine- Looks After All Things      


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