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If we don't have we can make it. Mailmaster along with its widespread manufacturing capabilities can manufacture a letterbox to suit your requirements, all you need is a Budget.

Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: Fence Box
Stainless Steel front plate with corporate style aluminium box on the rear. Key lockable and finished in powder coat. Size: 340 Long x 180 High x 330 Deep. Stainless plate Slot is 230 long x 50 high. Designed to be mounted with Stainless Plate to oustside of Fence and Mailbox to inside. Brass Plate ..
Ex Tax:$122.73
Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: Elite Box MB
Fully made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Modern stylish design with a horizontal paper tube. Large A4 sized mailbox, 330mm wide x 500mm high...
Ex Tax:$90.00
Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: LP 7412
Letter Plate - Outer 305x100, Slot 225x50..
Ex Tax:$135.00
Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: LP 7413
Letter Plate - Outer 352x125, Slot 270x65 Please Note: This is not a stocked item - usual turnaround is about 1-1.5 weeks...
Ex Tax:$232.50
Master A4 Mailbox Master A4 Mailbox
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Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: Master A4
Heavy Duty 3mm Alum Faceplate with Stencil Cut Number and Street Name in the font Arial Black (as shown) and supplied in a powder coated finish as per the options list. Includes A4 size maibox with Key Lock Rear Door. Box size 350mm Wide x 185mm High x 240mm Deep. Please add the details of the stenc..
Ex Tax:$220.00
Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: Master/PH
Master A4 size letterbox with Newspaper Tube. Heavy Duty 3mm Alum Faceplate and supplied in a powder coated finish as per the options list. Key Lock Rear Door. Box size: Landscape Style: 350mm wide x 344mm high x 240mm deep, Portrait Style: 250mm wide x 344mm high x 330mm deep Front Plate: 390..
Ex Tax:$170.91
Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: 1206
All aluminium, key lock. Size 335mm wide x 240mm deep x 185mm high. Available front or back opening...
Ex Tax:$95.45
Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: 1552
All aluminium, key lock door. Size 240mm Wide x 330mm Deep x 180mm High. Available as front or rear opening...
Ex Tax:$95.45
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Brand: Mailmaster Letterboxes Model: Quoted Price
This is as custom order line, product as described in comments. Shipping costs and GST are included in the overall cost...
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