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Letterbox Installation

Installation Details for your Letterbox

1. For our Synthetic Pier Series (Moderna and Vectra) please click here:
2. For Fence Box Installation click here:

3. For general mailbox installation see below

Step 1 - Dig a Hole
Dig a hole approximately 200mm in diameter x 300mm deep.

Step 2 - Add Concrete Mix and Set Post
Add approx 100mm of Pre Mix or Post Mix Concrete (Dry) in the hole and set the mailbox post on top of this. Then add the required amount of water and fill the remainder of the hole with the concrete mix. Please ensure that the mailbox is level and then pack the concrete tightly around this to hold it stable.

      Do not move or unsettle the mailbox while the concrete is curing.

Do not use Rapid Set as it is not recommended to be used with aluminium product.

           Install a Mailbox









Option 2 - Screw Anchor

Step 1 - Guide Hole

Use a crow bar to create a path for the Screw Anchor to follow. This is to ensure that the Anchor will screw in straight and not kilter of course by obstacles.

Step 2 - Screw in Anchor

Clear an area on the top of the guide hole approx 50mm deep x 300mm dia. With the drive pin supplied screw the anchor into the ground till the top of the anchor is level to the natural ground level.

Step 3 - Insert Mailbox

Using the plastic insert bushes supplied, insert the correct diameter insert for the post into the Anchor then insert the mailbox post into the Anchor till it can go no further, tighten screw and replace the dirt so that the fastening screw is buried.

Care for your Mailbox

If you don't want your mailbox to age gracefully wash it regularly, maybe when
washing the car, and remember; Stainless Steel needs loving care as well.

Use a specific stainless cleaner, these are generally available from your supermarket. We recommend and sell Marine Stainless 2in1 for protection against "tea staining" and in corrosive environments.

Lube your locks and hinges regularly.